Abbeywood Estate Wedding Photography – Jon & Daynah

May 2, 2017

Abbeywood Estate Wedding Photo

Jon & Daynah were married earlier this year at the beautiful Abbeywood Estate. A February wedding with our traditional British climate was always going to be a challenge, but one I always relish!

A gorgeous Cheshire venue, Abbeywood Estate has a wonderful location tucked away on the outskirts of Delamere forest. Jon & Daynah chose to have their ceremony in the Estate’s elegant glasshouse, surrounded by their closest family and friends.

Daynah prepared for her wedding day at the very top of the Abbeywood Estate manor itself, with a whole suite of luxury rooms just for her & her bridal party’s use. It makes a change from having the one bedroom to work in & really helped to keep the preparations relaxed. Daynah was ably assisted into her fabulous wedding dress by one extremely excited sister-slash-bridesmaid!

While the girls lorded it in the manor house, Jon & his groomsmen were relegated to the servant’s quarters. Only joking, they had a very nice room too 🙂 Jon was looking particularly dapper in his tweed waistcoat & it was lovely to get some photos of the boys pre-ceremony.

The glasshouse at Abbeywood Estate is a brilliant ceremony room to photograph in. The clue is in the name; glass everywhere! Lots of light = happy photographer.

Daynah is of Greek heritage, and there were little flourishes of Greek influence throughout the wedding- I was chuffed to be treated to a traditional meze during the wedding breakfast! I’m not saying I LOVE Greek food, but when I die, slather me in oil and bury me in olives 🙂 Abbeywood Estate is perfect for putting your own stamp on the wedding day, they have a great set-up able to cater for the most intimate wedding to the most extravagant.

Being a winter wedding, the sun set relatively quickly (we were plunged into darkness by about 4pm) but that’s no excuse to slack-off; I decided to use some off-camera flash with radio triggers (and a spare sandwich bag for a cheap but cheerful waterproof covering) to create some cool night-time portraits of the bride & groom. This is quite difficult once the sun sets (bear in mind, in the middle of the forest, night means DARK) but by the light of a smartphone and the uncanny focusing ability of the Nikon D750, we smashed it (the portraits, not the phone). Phew!

A really great day was had by all, with the evening reception still to come. I photographed the first dance and the dancefloor mayhem that followed, before grabbing a welcome butty and heading off into the night.

I hope you enjoy this small selection of photographs from the wedding. Thanks for stopping by. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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Abbeywood-Estate-Wedding-Photography 010

Abbeywood-Estate-Wedding-Photography 001

Abbeywood-Estate-Wedding-Photography 006

Abbeywood-Estate-Wedding-Photography 007

Abbeywood-Estate-Wedding-Photography 005

Abbeywood-Estate-Wedding-Photography 008

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Abbeywood-Estate-Wedding-Photography 011

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Abbeywood-Estate-Wedding-Photography 036

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Abbeywood-Estate-Wedding-Photography 057

Abbeywood-Estate-Wedding-Photography 058

Abbeywood-Estate-Wedding-Photography 059

Abbeywood Estate Wedding Photo

Abbeywood-Estate-Wedding-Photography 060


Abbeywood-Estate-Wedding-Photography 062

Jon & Daynah-600

Abbeywood-Estate-Wedding-Photography 064

Abbeywood-Estate-Wedding-Photography 065

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Abbeywood-Estate-Wedding-Photography 072

Abbeywood-Estate-Wedding-Photography 069

Abbeywood-Estate-Wedding-Photography 068

Abbeywood-Estate-Wedding-Photography 067

Abbeywood Estate Wedding Photography in Cheshire by Wedding Photographer Andrew Keher

Janis Houghton : 06:34 May 5, 2017
Thank you for giving us fabulous photos of a brilliant day the photos are exceptional and tell the story of the day perfectly. Beautiful photos of my niece and her husband the happy Mum my sister. Also thank you for the lovely photography my grandchildren. Wonderful memories.
Event Management London : 09:42 May 16, 2017
Very well organized and planned wedding. The photographs are awesome and beautiful.
Joshua wyborn : 16:29 June 6, 2017
Gorgeous use of light. Love the subtle colours.
Neil Redfern : 16:32 June 6, 2017
So good mate! I love the reaction shots of the bride putting her dress on and the flash portraits are awesome!
Matt Warrington : 18:43 June 6, 2017
Great set of documentary images Andy! Also love your use of Off Camera Flash. Really good!

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