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Andrew Keher Photography is located in Liverpool, UK. Please get in touch if you would like to meet up to discuss your wedding.

Address: 3 Harlech Road, Liverpool L23 6XA

Phone: 07481 804 367


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Follow your heart!

If you’ve got this far and are considering me to photograph your wedding, thank you! It’s a scary decision, I know. There are so many photographers out there, all shooting in their own style. I’d hate to have to choose one. It’s important that you look over my portfolio & my blogged weddings. Look carefully at my images, make sure my style resonates with you. I want you to be completely happy with how I see the world & trust me to tell the story of your special day. And in the end, even if you don’t choose me, make sure you choose someone you absolutely love. Never settle for second best. Follow your heart!

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Andrew Keher

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