Creative Documentary Wedding Photographer

Creative Documentary Wedding Photography – So What Is It?

Musings of a Liverpool Wedding Photographer

Genuine Storytelling With An Artistic Flourish

Hi! I’m Andrew Keher, a Liverpool Wedding Photographer working throughout the UK. I seek out & capture the finest & happiest moments of my couple’s first steps on the road of marriage. I often use the phrase creative documentary wedding photography to describe my approach to weddings. What does that mean? In a nutshell, it’s telling a story through my images in a creative way. I want to deliver a set of wedding photographs that not only look fantastic individually, but when viewed as part of an album can really tell the story of the wedding from beginning to end.

True Documentary Photography

If I was to approach the wedding in a true documentary or photojournalistic style, I would literally take photographs of the day and not get involved in any way at all. Documentary photography is about observing events as they happen and documenting them faithfully with no input from the wedding photographer at all. While this sounds fantastic if you are camera-shy or just want to forget about the photographs altogether, I find this purist approach cannot always give those beautiful epic images which I love the most. For these to happen, I like to use a little artistic licence!

The Creative Vision

So how is my approach different from a pure documentary photographer? It’s simple. For most of the day, I will photograph in a largely documentary style, with no posing or setting up of fake moments. I’m observant & fast enough to capture these moments as they happen. Later on in the day, usually after the wedding breakfast, is the perfect time to get 10 minutes alone with the bride & groom for very relaxed portraits with some minor direction from me. This approach means I have the best of both worlds; unposed, relaxed, natural images of the bridal preparations, ceremony & evening reception combined with a stunning set of portraits from a short time spent with the bride & groom. The perfect combination of images to really present a beautiful finished product.

Some photographers will shy away from bad weather; I think rain & wind can help tell the story of the day!

A beautiful bride walking down the stairs; a classic shot that, for me, doesn’t require faking- just the awareness of an interesting vantage point & the courage to use it.

The bride, her father & step-father on the way to the ceremony. Modern families come in all shapes & sizes. Our lives aren’t boring & traditional, so why does wedding photography have to be?

There is simply no need to stage any shot. Light, moment, magic.