I’m a professional Liverpool Wedding Photographer working throughout the North West, the rest of the UK and beyond. I’m committed to providing stunning wedding photographs my couples will love. My style is unobtrusive; quite subtle, designed to capture amazing images with a minimum of fuss. I believe a wedding day should be as enjoyable and relaxed as possible; I work quietly, in the background, allowing the happy chaos to unfold around me. I photograph the wedding as it happens with little or no posing at all. I want to capture the real emotion of the wedding- true to the couple. I present photographs that are natural, timeless, beautiful, often humorous or risqué, photographs to be enjoyed and looked at and treasured forever. I achieve this by not drawing attention to myself, working silently and attentively in the background.

I am a firm believer that the wedding is not about the photographer. If I go unnoticed by the bride and groom that’s even better; it means I’m capturing the wedding without people feeling awkward or nervous in front of the camera.  When it comes to photographing a wedding, I have a clear and simple philosophy: to capture real moments between real people, nothing awkward, fake or cheesy. I offer a discreet and professional service where the photography doesn’t get in the way of the wedding; I have complete faith in my ability to tell a story without artifice.

Photography is an ever-changing medium with trends that come and go. My goal is to create photos that will always be a pleasure to look at. As a Liverpool Wedding Photographer, I’ve worked at some of the North West’s most beautiful venues and received many kind words from my happy couples. Whether the wedding venue is at a stately home, a rustic barn, a contemporary city hotel or anything in between, I strive for images of the highest quality, capturing the true spirit of the day. Please visit my blog to see examples of photos from real weddings captured in a documentary style.

So what is documentary photography?

If I wasn’t there to take the picture, would the moment still have happened? If the answer is yes, for me that’s documentary photography. It’s a way of creating a time capsule for that single moment, a moment that happens and is gone forever. The only thing left is the image captured by the photographer. For me, documentary photography is to use these images to chronicle moments and retell a story, without taking over the day.

I have a small problem with the label ‘wedding photographer’. For me it conjures up images of boring, awkward poses, lots of cheesy smiles; very little imagination. I’d much rather be called a ‘photographer who loves to photograph weddings’ but it doesn’t roll off the tongue quite so easily. I suppose it’s up to me and like-minded photographers to redefine the term and put an end to boring wedding photos. Let’s make images fun, creative, joyful, emotive; true to the couple! I’m extremely lucky to have such a wonderful job, telling the story of two people having the best day of their lives, surrounded by family and friends; ready to celebrate in style! If you’ve gotten this far think my ethos would suit your wedding day, please get in touch and let’s start a conversation.